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Disabled Comments by LumiResources 

TL;DR: THIS STAMP IS ABOUT REFUSING TO ACCEPT THAT OBESITY IS HEALTHY. THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-FAT PEOPLE STAMP; THIS IS AN ANTI "OBESITY IS HEALTHY" STAMP.  If you are happy to be fat then whatever, be happy and fat. Be confident and fat. I support your positive attitude, but not the ridiculous belief that obesity is totally fine for your body. 

IF YOU COMMENT ON MY PROFILE PAGE BAWING ABOUT THIS STAMP, YOU WILL BE IGNORED. Go back to your tumblr SJW dick hole and cry because you refuse to read the entire description.

I will never agree to the "fat acceptance" movement. Ever.

I refuse to accept an unhealthy lifestyle.

I refuse to accept ignoring the dangers that obesity has on our bodies.

I refuse to ignore the unhealthy pandemic that is obesity around the globe.

I refuse to accept the excuses you make to yourself so you can continue to avoid the harsh truth.

I refuse to glorify obesity as a way to avoid making a healthy change.

Being obese is not normal. It never was, never is, and never will be. Being "naturally fat" is not possible; there is no "fat gene" just as there is no "skinny gene" (being naturally thin is not real as well), just excuses and lies that others are spreading or that you tell yourself and believe it to be true. 

Anyone can lose weight. Those who support the fat acceptance movement are using every excuse possible to avoid that fact. There are now more obese people than there are starving people in this world. This is a wake up call. And blogs such as This Is Thin Privilege are filling people's heads with extremely inaccurate facts and blatant lies about "healthy obesity". Their aggressiveness and disrespect towards those who actually made the change to a healthier lifestyle is enough proof of their unhealthy demeanour and exaggerated excuses to avoid responsibility entirely.

I know A LOT of overweight people are going to call me "fat phobic" because of this (because that's the first excuse they use when they see/ hear someone disagree with fat acceptance and/ or "fat logic", sadly enough), but that's far from the truth. Being aware of the realities and dangers of obesity on the body and refusing to just blindly accept that "fat is totally great lol!" does not make me fat phobic, even though you desperately want it to because it's your only words of defence. If you want to be fat, then fine. I can't stop you. But I do not have to support your choices, just as you have every right not to support mine. 

I do not agree that fat people should be bullied, attacked, or harassed, but I do not agree that they should be glorified or encouraged either. But because fat people believe that they are so "oppressed" (and no, they really aren't), it's now become totally acceptable to shame thin people. The majority of the fat acceptance movement is incredibly hypocrite-able: they want fat shaming to stop, but they think it's completely okay to shame thinner people because "it's all their fault that I'm fat!" or, "well they shame fat people so I can shame skinny people," fighting hate with hate does not push a movement forward. In fact, it just stalls you between a rock and a hard place. Body shaming as a whole needs to stop.

I refuse to accept body shaming behaviour. But if you are happy and confident in your body, than that is seriously awesome because it is a very difficult thing to accomplish. I am never against body confidence and comfort. I am simply against the idea that obesity is seen as healthy. You can be 500 pounds and love yourself and I will think that is fantastic, but I will not believe that you are in a healthy state. I feel the same for those who are underweight.

So please, stop using excuses. Stop hiding behind your lies. Stop blaming other people. Stop blaming your "thyroid" (it's the cheapest fat excuse out there). There is no fat genetics. There is no healthy fat. Stop avoiding the commitment it takes to be healthy. Or just admit it to yourself: you are too lazy and irresponsible to make a difference to yourself. And this goes for those who are obese and too thin. Both are unhealthy and dangerous to your body.

Oh, and to the anal "THIN PRIVILEGE" shouters: I am thin and somewhat healthy (yup, I could be better and I freely admit that) and I have NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE have I received "thin privilege". All I ever received was thin shaming. So fuck your "thin privilege" bullshit. In fact, here's some pretty nice examples of how fat activists continue to body shame thin people:………………

But hey, skinny shaming totally doesn't mean anything, right? Because when fat people skinny shame, it's totally okay because they're fat and well, "skinny people shamed fat people in the first place so I have every right to do it back to them"! This officially makes you a hypocrite. And a huge one too. 

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